NEMA stops illegal construction in South Kiruma wetland, Rubanda district

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has stopped a private developer, Mr. Savan Nayankumar, of Vispa Botanicals Limited, from degrading South Kiruma Wetland in Rubanda District.

The intervention follows a site inspection by NEMA together with the area local government that discovered that contrary to Section 157 of the National Environment Act; the developer commenced construction works within a fragile ecosystem (wetland), without a certificate of approval from NEMA.

As a consequence the developer has been issued with a restoration order instructing him to stop the illegal construction and degradation at the site, and to restore the area to its original state to the satisfaction of NEMA.

Fragile ecosystems such as wetlands are important habitats and breeding grounds for some species. They also perform the function of regulation of water quality, reduce soil erosion and aid in flood control; but unfortunately they have been targeted for settlement, agriculture and other developments. NEMA calls upon all developers to always seek due approval and guidance from the Authority, on how to sustainably undertake projects that could impact on our environment and natural resources.

Notes to editor
On September 2 2021, NEMA indefinitely suspended the receipt, consideration and issuance of environment and social impact assessment certificates and permits for all projects within wetlands, in order to protect the wetlands.