NEMA to work with Uganda Muslim Supreme Council to promote sustainable environment management

The Executive Director of National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Dr. Akankwasah Barirega, yesterday had an engagement with the leadership of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council led by Deputy Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Abdallah Semambo, to discuss ways through which the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council could work with NEMA to promote sustainable environment management.

Uganda Muslim Supreme Council dedicated every second Friday of the holy month of Ramathan to promote environmental conservation at all mosques and to all Muslim believers in the country.

Dr. Akankwasah also addressed the faithfuls after yesterday’s sermon at the National Mosque in Old Kampala where he preached about environment. The sermon led by the Imam was solely on Islamic teachings about environment conservation and was followed by a tree planting exercise. This initiative was launched sometime back by HE the President of the Republic of Uganda who planted a tree at the National Mosque to launch the initiative.

NEMA is deliberately working with faith based institutions, cultural institutions, educational entities, civil society to promote individual and institutional responsibility of managing environment. The environment is a shared resource and each one of us has a direct duty to live in harmony and enhance it.

The Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) is the mother organization and governing body of all Muslims in Uganda with 12.1% of the Ugandan Population. The Body unifies about 9,071,671 Muslims in Uganda.