Proposal to declare Kalagala-Itanda offset as a Special Conservation Area

The Minister of Water and environment has received a recommendation to declare the Kalagala – Itanda Offset area as Special Conservation Area in accordance with Section 51 of the National Environment Act, 2019.

The Kalagala-Itanda Offset Area shall be protected and conserved as a natural habitat and asset and a water catchment for the Nile system to provide environmental, ecological, social, spiritual, cultural and economic values. The area is also designated as an offset area for Bujagali Falls supporting the 250MW Bujagali Hydropower Project.

As a Special Conservation Area, Kalagala-Itanda will protect the ecological zones along the Nile in that area, sustain ecological services of the area to the central forest reserve; maintain the potential for eco-tourism, protect and enhance aquatic biodiversity, preserve heritage sites and upgrade the area to be managed as a Special Conservation Area – meaning permanent infrastructural development that could adversely affect and alter the area will be prohibited there.

Activities that may be promoted and permitted in the area are; Research, Tourism, Restoration and enhancement of ecological functionality. Those that shall be prohibited include brick making, sand mining, cultivation, drainage, sewerage filtration, fish farming, construction of permanent infrastructure …e.t.c

The public is therefore called upon to submit written comments and presentations in regard to the proposal with in 21 days; After which the Minister may proceed to present a proposal to Parliament to declare the Kalagala-Itanda offset as a Special Conservation Area.

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