ROKO Construction Company restores wetland in Kawanda

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has overseen a Compliance Assistance exercise in Kawanda, where Roko Construction Company Limited removed construction debris that was dumped in a wetland by one of their staff. Compliance Assistance is a process where NEMA supports developers that have breached environmental procedures to comply with regulatory requirements.

The removal of the debris commenced on Monday, January 24, 2022; following a December 27, 2021 incident, where the Environment Police attached to NEMA impounded a truck belonging to Roko Construction Company Limited; that was found dumping construction debris into the Nakyesanga-Mayanja-Wasswa wetland sytem along Bombo Road in Kawanda, Wakiso District.

Roko Construction Limited has since clarified that the driver of the truck acted on his own resolve and noted that they have a site in Nakagere, Mukono where construction debris is re-used / recycled. The company offered to remove the debris and restore the degraded area to its previous state under NEMA’s guidance.

On September 2, 2021 NEMA indefinitely suspend the receipt, issuance and consideration for all projects within wetlands. The suspension was undertaken to reduce pressure on wetlands and to enable Government build capacity to regulate developments in wetlands.

NEMA urges the owners of construction companies to prevail over their employees who have made it a habit to utilize company trucks to engage in environmental degradation – specifically backfilling wetlands at a fee. The public should continue being vigilant and keep reporting cases of wetland encroachment and reclamation.