World Environment Day, 2020 - Nature is Speaking, Listen

Today, June 5, 2020 Uganda joins the rest of the world to celebrate World Environment Day (WED) under the international theme; Time for Nature; while the national theme is Nature is Speaking, Listen!

The theme was specifically chosen because it resonates with the current national events such as increasing water volumes that are causing flooding, sudds that caused national power shut down, rivers bursting their banks for example in Kasese and the ever reminiscent landslides in the Mt. Elgon region which can all be attributed to human actions that have triggered phenomena like climate change.

Man and nature cannot be separated. We depend on nature for livelihoods, sustainability and Uganda’s economy is highly dependent upon nature based resources. Even during this Covid 19 pandemic, Ugandans depended on naturally grown food, we consumed water and breathed fresher air.

Nature is Speaking, Listen. We call upon all Ugandans to take action for the environment. It is no longer an issue for NEMA alone or Government. We encourage every Ugandan to stop encroachment, restore degraded areas, plant trees, dump waste responsibly and use natural resources wisely for our and future generations.

NEMA invites the general public to be a part of the biggest celebration for the cause of environment and natural resources, by sharing messages and information about good environment practices in order to keep the conversation on environment alive. It is only with consolidated efforts that we shall realize exponential results.

Download the environment ministers WED 2020 Speech below