NEMA Reviews Institution’s Law and Regulations

National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is undertaking the review of the National Environment Act Cap. 153 (NEA) and its subsequent regulations. The act which was operationalized in 1995 after the National Environment Policy, 1994 is NEMA’s operational law and is mother to subsequent regulations that govern different sectors of the environment.

According to NEMA’s Senior Legal Counsel, Christine Akello, the review and amendment of the NEA has been deemed necessary for purposes of amongst other things incorporating emerging issues such as Oil and Gas, climate change, Strategic Environment Assessments, and other issues which were not captured in 1995 when the NEA was enacted. 

A number of existing Regulations under the NEA are being amended and including: Standards for Discharge of Effluent into Water and on Land Regulations, Air Quality Regulations, Water Discharge Regulation, Waste management regulations, Impact Assessment Regulations; Audit Regulations and Effluent Standards and Control Regulations. 

The new regulations being developed under NEA include; The Noise Standards and Control Regulations; The Oil Spills Regulations and Guidelines, and The National Air Quality Regulations. 

The development of new and amendment of existing Regulations have implications on the review and amendment of the NEA