Factory closed for encroaching on Rwentama wetland in Mubende

The National Environment Management Authority has halted the operations of Building Africa; a factory in Mubende district, over the degradation of Rwentama Wetland.

A joint inspection undertaken last week by the NEMA regional office based in Masindi, and the Mubende district environment office, discovered that the factory was operating without requisite approvals from any Authority or Lead Agency.The proprietor had backfilled approximately 2 hectares of the wetland with murram; and had erected illegal permanent structures in the area as well.

As a consequence, the operations of factory have been halted indefinitely until all appropriate approvals including an Environment and Social Impact Certificate have been issued. The intervention follows a complaint from communities about the operations of the factory that manufactures clay building materials.

Rwentama is a vital wetland for the communities in and around Mubende. It is a major source of livelihood and the only source of water for the National Water and Sewerage Corporation pumping station located about 700 meters away from where the factory had been established. The wetland is a major habitat for several bird species including the Crested Crane, however, because of degradation the number of birds in the area has dwindled.

NEMA urges the public to remain vigilant and continue reporting environmental breaches and incidents within communities. Together, we shall ensure sustainable socio-economic transformation of our nation.