THE PUBLIC IS HEREBY NOTIFIED that the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is in receipt of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Report for the proposed Makuutu Rare Earth Elements (REE) Project which was submitted by the developer, Rwenzori Rare Metals Limited. The ESIA Report is now available for public scrutiny and comments. The Makuutu REE Project is a 27-year proposed mining project for the extraction of rare earth elements from a 40 km long near surface ionic adsorption clay orebody covering the districts of Mayuge, Bugweri and Bugiri. The Makuutu REE project will comprise of components and activities that include mining, a mineral processing plant and supporting infrastructure - such as warehouses, offices, a laboratory, fuel storage facilities, and ablution blocks among others. Details of the nature of the project, its location, its benefits to the local community, anticipated positive and negative impacts and proposed mitigation measures have been provided in the ESIA Report Also, In accordance with the requirements of the National Environment Act No. 5 of 2019; and the National Environment (Environmental and Social Assessment) Regulations, 2020; the general public and persons specifically affected by the Makuutu REE Project are invited to study the ESIA Report and make comments on the same. The invitation to the general public seeks to offer different stakeholders the opportunity to voice out their opinions and comments on the environmental and social implications of the Proposed Makuutu REE Project so that the development (extraction of rare earth elements) can be done in a manner that ensures sustainable development for the present and future generations. Your views are important to the NEMA. You are therefore requested to take a moment and fill this form after studying the Makuutu REE Project ESIA Report. Individual or collective written comments from stakeholders can be submitted to the Executive Director, NEMA using the address at the end of this form.Find below relevant documents

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