NEMA, Bunyoro region district leaders discuss decentralized environment management

NEMA Team headed by ED, Dr. Tom Okutut has met with District Local Government (LGs) leaders from the Bunyoro Region in a consultative engagement to strengthen decentralised environment management.

The Thursday April 5, 2018, meeting was organised with the aim of reconnecting Local Governments to effective environmental and natural resources management. The consultative meeting was attended by LG technical and political leaders and other officials from the planning, water and natural resources departments of Hoima, Masindi, Kiryandongo, Buliisa, Kagadi, Kibale & Kakumiro Districts.

While giving her opening remarks, State Minister for Environment, Hon. Dr. Gorretti Kitutu said that the South Western part of the country was more vulnerable to climate change than any other part of the country. She called upon the local governments in the Bunyoro region to prioritize sound environment management since it supports the livelihoods of majority of their population.

In his remarks, the ED NEMA, Dr. Tom Okurut, noted that the environment in many local governments has been categorised in only wetlands and forests and therefore not given the due attention in planning.

Dr. Okurut explained that environment is a cross cutting aspect as there are components of environment in trade and road sectors, in agriculture, in fisheries, in water and all other sectors of the local governments. He challenged the local governments to have all these sectors provide budgets for those aspects of the environment which they have responsibility.

The participants were taken through presentations and demonstrations on community approach to ecosystems management, legal and institutional frameworks on environment management and the decentralised environment management function among others.