NEMA, Environmental Police crack down on illegal charcoal trade in Pakwach

The NEMA Northern Regional office based in Lira has to today carried out an operation to crack down on rampant illegal charcoal burning in Pakwach district.

The operation that is being supported by the Environmental Protection Force (EPF) and Pakwach district officials targeted illegal charcoal burning in the sub counties of Wadelai, Panyango and Alwi.

More than 100 bags of charcoal have so far been impounded and a total of Five (5) people have been arrested and will be taken to Court to face the law. The charcoal dealers mainly targeted indigenous tree species such as Balnities, Afzelia Africana and other natural hardwood tree species. Also under threat from the charcoal burners is the Combretum tree species which has suffered the brunt of illegal loggers who cut it down because of the quality of charcoal it produces.

Most of the charcoal dealers had accomplices in Kampala to whom they would sell the charcoal. Others dealers would take their charcoal across the lake for sale in buloka via Wanseko or nearby trading centres.