Research and Development

Project Research Funding: Enhancing Crop Productivity on Smallholder Farms

National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) in collaboration with the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES), Makerere University, and Nature Palace Foundation (NPF) invite applicants to participate in the project based collaborative research grant. The 2018 World Atlas of Desertification cites nutrient mining by smallholder farmers as the leading cause of land degradation in sub-Saharan Africa, with Uganda listed among the 6 countries with the highest nutrient mining rates. Declining soil fertility in Uganda is not only a result of nutrient mining but also the failure of smallholder farmers to replenish soil nutrients. In order to improve soil nutrients and enhance crop production in smallholder farms, the NPF Climate Smart Agro-ecology Project aims to advance the use organic biochar1 as a means of improving the quality of exhausted/degraded soils while sequestering carbon. The research project is open to Ugandans pursuing any of the following degrees: Master of Science in Biochemistry, Soil Science, and other science related degrees.

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