Vivo Energy, NBSTV, NEMA partner in campaign against single use plastics, dubbed "Tuve Ku Kaveera"

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) together with Vivo Energy Uganda, the Shell licensee and NBS TV, have developed and launched an environmental campaign dubbed “Tuve Ku Kaveera” - Relieve our environment

The campaign was launched at Shell Bugolobi with an objective to sensitize the public and create awareness about the dangers of single use plastic carrier bags commonly known as Kaveera, to human health, animal health and to the environment.

The campaign is in line with this year’s World Environment Day theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”, whose national celebrations were held in Mbale district with special focus on single use plastics. Mbale was once rated as the cleanest town not only in Uganda but in East Africa; but not anymore owing to the effects of single use plastics.

While officiating at the unveiling of the campaign, The Minister of state for environment, Hon. Goretti Kitutu said the ban on single use plastics is a global agenda. “In one way or another Uganda has to comply. The time is now and we appreciate the support of partners from the private sector to make this possible.”

Speaking at the launch, NEMA Executive Director, Dr. Tom Okurut noted that public education and raising awareness is one of the steps being taken to rid the country of the menace of single use plastics. “I believe in education and the power of the Fourth Estate as tools of managing the environment. This campaign will go a long way in developing conviction among Ugandans that Kaveera is harmful to our environment and stifling its consumption,” he explained.

Vivo Energy Managing Director, Mr Gilbert Assi said: “At Vivo Energy, we have a continuous commitment to run our business in a responsible manner with zero harm to people, assets and the environment in all our operations. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, we have created a partnership between ourselves, the custodians of our environment - NEMA and a leading TV station - NBS TV, who together have developed this campaign to educate Ugandans about the dangers of single use plastic bags – Kaveera to our environment and health.”

Kin Kariisa the Chief Executive Officer of NBS Television also remarked that “As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility activity, and as the leading television station in the country, we would like to be part of this positive movement by creating awareness about the effects of Kaveera on our environment, our agriculture and how it affects our way of life. We also want to promote and give support to KCCA on their project of keeping our city clean, because eradicating the use of plastic bags encourages cleanliness. As we celebrate 10 years of walking the talk, we decided to give back to the people who have supported us throughout these years by playing a leading role in developing the country.”

The “Tuve Ku Kaveera” campaign will unpack the dangers of Kaveera and the alternatives on NBS TV, every day, for a period of one year, as well as on Sanyuka TV, Salam TV, radio stations and on digital platforms.

Scientific research has demonstrated that Kaveera destroys soil productivity by blocking choking the microorganisms that live in the soil and complete the soil aeration cycle. Animals, both domestic and wild have died because of complications resulting from ingesting kaveera. Kaveera is responsible for clogged drainage systems, channels and streams. On human health, Kaveera has been found to be carcinogenic leading to several cancers in humans.

This campaign will help Ugandans make an informed decision to reject kaveera.